March 25th 2023 12H of Sebring – iRacing VCO Special Event

Last weekend we participated in the 12H of Sebring. This is partly in preparation for the Virtual Belcar Endurance Series that will start at the beginning of April 2023.

Dries, David and Jeroen started with a reasonable qualification and it soon became clear that the field of participants was very close together. We therefore started from P20 of the 49 participants.
After a few hours we were in position 8! We were well on our way to even reaching a top 5 position. However, disaster struck. The wall..

We were talking too much about one of the drivers getting too distracted and losing control coming out of a corner. In the end the wall was stronger than our car and we had to go to the pits for a good 8 minutes of repairs.

Much time passed and back on track as P28. And after a short fight climbed back to P24. However, the backlog was so large and the time was too short to finish even higher for us. Better luck next-time with a learning opportunity richer!

Rewatch race? Here is the link to our Twitch video.